What is the meaning and symbolism of the birds in our lives? - full article

Even if we are not aware of this, birds have an important place in our lives, sometimes they chatter, shout and wake us up at dawn when we have at least another hour to sleep, and they are annoying but also cute. Sometimes the birds mess our windows and we rush to install all kinds of shields against birds. But we all know that the absence of birds predicts evil, how is this knowledge built in us? What birds meaning and symbolism? And how does this affect our lives? How birds represented in art, in brands, in jewelry, in company symbols and more...and what does it mean.


The bird's symbolism from ancient times

The bird as a source of spiritual hope and liberation


Bird of Paradise

The Eagle

The owl






Swallows and blue birds



The bird's symbolism from ancient times

The birds are covered with feathers and their front limbs have become wings that allow most birds to fly, their bodies are adapted to flight, their beak is light in place of teeth, and their bones are hollow. The birds lay eggs and the parents take care of their offspring. The birds are social beings who interact with each other in unique gestures, rituals and Voices. There are many species that choose partners for life and thus show loyalty, these qualities have been appreciated by humans since time immemorial.

So we can understand why in ancient times people believed that after death, the soul leaves the body in the shape of a bird and therefore the bird is a symbol of the soul. For bird flight symbolizes the human journey from birth until the soul leaves the lands of his forefathers.

Many religions believe in celestial creatures or ghosts with wings, such as angels, cherubim and seraphim. Birds also appear on the branches of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden from which Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat.

In ancient times, the birds were considered predictors of future events, believing that they had a profound symbolic meaning. These winged creatures symbolize the human soul and represent the good, the joy, the wisdom and the intelligence, and all these represent in their flight th Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. e soul's quest for self-search and higher knowledge. Also, Flying Bird is a metaphor for power and a variety of human emotions and moods.

Also, their closeness to heaven made them appear as messengers of the gods. As a result, seeing different birds was seen as good or bad, and as signs of God.

The bird as a source of spiritual hope and liberation

To modern humans, the birds connect Earth to Heaven or the spiritual world and they symbolize

transcendence and eternal life according to the world of concepts and beliefs of that person.

With the ability of the birds to wander the earth as well as take off into the sky, birds symbolize our desire to be free and happy and help us during stressful times when we feel suffocated and helpless in which we want to be free and return to being happy, peaceful and calm. As if the weight we carry on our shoulders has been lifted and disappear, a sense of freedom and release, an escape from limits and limitations that apply to us.

Birds are a symbol of perfection and harmony, hope and goals of our lives.

Flying birds represent transcendence and redemption, while a bird trapped in a cage is a hint of the passion we have for true freedom when we experience feelings of frustration because of limitations that apply to us where we are in our lives.

The birds come and remind us of the importance of taking time out and allow as to make breaks that will be a space, like air to breathe, that we need to fulfill ourselves.

Bird predicts great success in the future, especially financially. Bird represents our potential "To spread wings" and promote ourselves to success.

And remind us to aspire high and not settle for less, the cheerfulness, refinement and the need to continue and persevere in the inner journey.

The bird represents the power we have in positive thoughts, and the knowledge that positive action will advance us in life. The bird symbolizes the small decisions in our lives that prevent us from giving up, but push us to deal with the difficult conflicts in our lives, which will be another step towards our success.

Number of birds with special meanings

Over time, a number of birds received strong symbolic meanings for human moods and a variety of emotions and beauty. Here are some of the more common:


In the Torah in the stories of Noah's ark, a white dove with an olive branch appears, this beautiful flying bird is a sign that everything is improving, of hope and peace.

Flying bird represents joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance and love, freedom and spiritual release.

As if a weight lifted from our shoulders.

In Christianity the dove symbolizes Mother Mary as a symbol of care, devotion, purity and peace.

Valentine's Day was first known as the Bird Wedding Day, which originated in the ancient belief that the birds chose their partners on this day. Humans followed and it became a day of declarations of love. Thus Valentine's Day cards first appeared in the 16th century, with two white doves symbolizing love and loyalty between spouses.

In a Chinese love story, the soldiers of Kong Si's father kill Ahuva Chang, the heartbroken Cong-Si ignites herself and the lovers become a pair of pigeons as a symbol of their love.

The Quetzal bird or the bird of paradise

Is an important symbol both in the Aztec culture and in the Maya. It is not surprising that the bird was considered divine and connected to the god of the snake Quetzalcoatl and looked like a symbol of good and light.

As a result, the shiny tail feathers, which can grow up to one meter, were caught by the Aztec and Mayan rulers in their headscarves. However, because these birds were sacred, they were simply caught and released after their feathers were removed. The penalty for killing a bird was death.

Birds of paradise are so beautiful that the Europeans thought they came from heaven and received mythic status.

The Eagle

The Eagle represents a very masculine symbol and represents the happiness of marriage associated with a life partner, symbolizes independence, freedom, endurance, courage, determination, control, authority, focus, skill, mental acuity and opportunism. Achieving success and prosperity, generosity, contemplation and enlightenment.

The owl

The owl is associated with all the magical and mysterious things, since the owl is a night hunter, he has the unique ability to fly quietly and efficiently, to see and hear well in the dark.

Owls are a symbol of wisdom, observation, curiosity, and knowledge. But in most cultures, owls are bad signs, precursors of doom and death.

The legendary bird, the Phoenix

Is the bird of sacred fire in Greek, ancient Egyptian and other mythologies. The phoenix ignites itself and dies in a fire and is resurrected from the ashes in a cyclical manner. As such, it is a symbol of spiritual rebirth, resurrection, immortality, indomitable spirit, and transition. It also represents the ability to overcome adversity.

Phoenix does not harm any creature or plant and only feeds on the morning dew.

Phoenix symbolizes the ruler, wisdom, and riddle.

In China, the Phoenix symbolizes the Empress and together with the Dragon symbolize a brave friendship.

In ancient Babylon, Sphinx usually had a man's head on a lion's body.

While the Greek Sphinx was a monster in the shape of a woman with chicken and lion, it devoured the embryos who failed to solve her riddle.


Usually associated with resurrection, physical and spiritual regeneration. It is also a symbol of healing and peace. Another symbolic representation of a crane is healthy through deep meditative focus. Is expressed when a person is eager to take responsibility for the situation and take matters into his own hands.

In Asia, the cranes symbolize long life and happiness.

In China too, the crane is considered a good sign, the messenger of the gods and carries maternal love and happiness. The crane symbolizes high status, longevity and immortality, plus spiritual enlightenment.

In Japanese culture, a crane has been said to live for 1000 years and is said to give pleasure in return for the sacrifices. The crane represents good luck and longevity. The Japanese refer to crane as the "bird of happiness". It was customary to embroider cranes on the clothes of important officials.

In the past, the crane adorned the samurai helmets and also the 1,000-yen note and the official JAL airline logo.

The Japanese crane became one of the favorite origami themes after World War II, as it became a symbol of peace and harmony.

In America and in the murky Africa symbolizes wisdom.

Rooster and Chicken

In ancient cultures, the rooster is seen as the symbol of the sun, its call heralding the dawn and symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. Symbolizes spirituality and the awakening of new ideas. The rooster is identified with courage, battles and masculinity.

Nordic and Celtic cultures connect the rooster with the underworld, an aggressive messenger sends warnings about imminent danger.

Chicken and chickens have always been used for rituals, once thought to possess magical powers and used to ward off danger. To this day, they are sacrificed for the fertility of the earth or for sins. Predictors predict the future by the gut of a chicken.

According to the Chinese, the rooster symbolizes sincerity, physical strength, moral strength, protection, loyalty, luck, and domineering. The Japanese see roosters as sacred symbols.

The Bible referred to the "rooster" for he calls his yard chickens to eat before he eats.

A hen is considered the symbol of maternal concern.

In Christianity the hen and its chickens symbolize Jesus and his followers.

Crow or raven

Symbolizes mysticism, the hidden occult and death, a symbol of war in most ancient cultures. They are connected to the "other world" to the Holy Law, and believed to represent the souls of their forefathers, crows are also symbolic of the unknown and seem to be secret, cunning, illusory, and shapeshifter.

While in China and in Japan the crow was considered to be the messenger of the gods and the symbol of the sun.

In its Scandinavian mythology, Odin is accompanied by two crows and according to an Indian legend the raven created the earth when he threw small stones.


Have a variety of symbolic meanings. Her chatter represents the creative expression, the media, and the excitement. However, it also symbolizes a shaky personality, with unpredictable behavior and deceptive nature.

The Chinese associate the magpie with happiness in marriage, joy and good fortune.

The Romans and Native Americans see the magpie as having high intellect, and perception abilities.

Swallows and blue birds

The blue bird symbolizes spring and spiritual awakening, transformation, joy, satisfaction and hope. It is considered a good sign, if you see a blue bird then expect to see happiness in the coming days. The blue bird is also associated with hard work, security, modesty and innocence.

In addition, the swallows are associated with the sea and the sailors, known as the hope of the sailors as a sign of the land.

In Africa it swallows perceived as pure because it only flies through the skies of Africa and does not pollute itself on the ground.

And in China two swallows symbolize happiness in marriage.


This royal bird with a fan tail is the symbol of the sun. Its rounded tail represents the dome of the sky and the "eyes" represent the stars.

Buddhism symbolizes many cautious eyes, or "evil eye". Kartika, Hindu god of war, riding a peacock.

The male peacock courted his wife so proudly that he became synonymous with vanity.


The hummingbird moves its wings in the form of the figure 8, the symbol of infinity, which connects us to the future, and to the rules of cause and effect. Also, with its unique wings, the bird can fly back, reflecting its ability to explore the past.

The hummingbird gives us an inner message of restoring health and balance to our bodies, and reminds us that there is always pleasure in our lives. The amazing ability of the hummingbird to create medicines from flowers can teach us how to extract the essence of life and create our own medicines.

Watching a hummingbird is asking for your attention to your daily miracles. And shows you that something so small, is able to get so much.

They always remind us to look for what is good in life.

Hummingbirds are also a symbol of tenacity and endurance in pursuit of our dreams because some hummingbirds are known to travel up to 2000 miles to reach their destination.

Also, because of their unique ability to fly back, sideways and chase up and down, they remind us to stay adaptable and accept the reality of change with a happy heart. The Aztecs saw them as messengers between them and their fathers or Gods. In Native American culture, hummingbirds look like healers and bring love, good luck, and joy.

They remind us to seek the magic of life.

Some people also see those signs of angels, remind us to follow what makes us happy to enjoy the present moment.

Remind us to pay attention to small ideas or budding in your mind. As a little hummingbird, small ideas have the potential to make big things no matter how small or insignificant they look.

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