Care for your amethyst jewelry - Amethyst stone or by its Hebrew name "Ahalma"

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*** Author's Note: The Amethyst mystic powers and any other information contained on this blog is for entertainment purposes only and should be treated accordingly. It is based on centuries of folklore and does not claim any medical information. For advice on one of the listed diseases, please visit a qualified physician.

9. Care for your amethyst jewelry

Amethyst's typical color boasts the royal color, rich purple. It comes in all shades of purple.

The color of Amethyst is very unstable and can fade with long exposure to sunlight and or exposure to heat. You can save the Amethyst stones in a closed box inside an aluminium foil to enhance color. The purple color of the stone actually comes from iron contaminations inside it. Worth a try, keep in mind that it's not always successful.

Avoid contact with chemicals such as household detergents or hair spray.

How to Clean Amethyst Stone? To clean, use a toothbrush or soft cloth and gently clean with gentle soap and warm water.

*** I have heard, but have not tried myself, that you can also clean with an ultrasonic home cleaning unit, for those who know and have tried, I would love if you share how it came out and if you recommend.

9.1 The use of Amethyst in jewelry

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone and the fact is that Amethysts have a degree of hardness of 7, allows to use beauty and embellish them with jewelry. Whether as crystals that remain natural, or polished stones, whether embedded with modern or classic jewelery, the Amethyst is a gem whose great beauty adds value to the jewel.


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9. Care for your Amethyst stone

9.1 The use of Amethyst in jewelry

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Back to the full article - Amethyst stone or by its Hebrew name "Ahalma"

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