Amethyst stone or "Ahalma" in Judaism-Amethyst stone or by its Hebrew name "Ahalma"

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1. Amethyst stone or "Ahalma" in Judaism

1.Amethyst stone in Judaism - One of the Hahoshen's stones

The Amethyst, or in it's Hebrew name, Ahalma, is a purple or crimson gemstone and is mentioned in the Torah in the Book of Exodus, where Moshe Rabbeinu receives instructions from God, how to prepare the Priesthood clothing, including the vest of the High Priest, with a dozen stones as the number of tribes of Israel. From the twelve stones that decorated the high priest Aaron's chest . In addition, the stone of consolation is attributed to the Gad tribe.

Why the tribe of Gad? Since Gad tribe was involved in quite a few wars and so this stone was actually associated with it, thanks to its virtues to strengthens the hearts of all who go into battle.

In Hebrew, Ahalma is a name for girls -

1.2 Interpretation of the name Amalma according to Kabbalah:

The name signifies luxury, beauty, grace and honesty.

In addition, the Hebrew name Ahalma refers to the healing virtue stone as the return of man to the health line, namely recovery.

"The virtue of this stone that strengthens the heart that did not go to war."

In Hebrew, the word Amalma sounds similar to the word "dream", but the root of the word Amalma is not a dream but from the word "healing" and strength, mentally and physically.

In addition, there is a tradition that believes that Amethyst, or Amalma, helps with vision problems and eye diseases.

1.3 The numerological analysis for the name Ahalma:

Ahlamma's numerological number is number 3 representing movement and space, which is the motive that causes the girl to be positive and optimistic, positive and joyful and these will be the basis of her beliefs. A very sociable, sympathetic and loving girl, friendly, young spirit, in every age .wide heart and knows how to cheer all around her. Very curious and spontaneous, loves freedom and loves unexpected adventure. Has an inner sensitivity and great imagination with a tendency to perfection.


1. Amethyst stone or "Ahalma" in Judaism

1.1 Amethyst stone in Judaism - One of the Hahoshen's stones

1.2 Interpretation of the name Amalma according to Kabbalah

1.3 The numerological analysis for the name Ahalma

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