What is Eilat stone? 7 Interesting Facts!

I love... Eilat stone, amazing blue green stone. So I went to investigate about it, and I share with you ...

7 Interesting Facts:

1. Eilat stone, is also called "King Solomon's Stone" and this is the only gem that is unique to Israel!

2. The source of Eilat stone is in the Timna Mines near the city of Eilat. It turns out that there was a mining of copper in the biblical days, cool ...

On a family trip with the children on the way to Eilat, we passed Timna.

It was so much fun.

3. Eilat stone is a rock composed of copper minerals such as malachite, turquoise, manganese, azurite, etc. When the stone is in contact with salt acid Eilat stone receives yellow tones.

All these special combinations create a unique and spectacular stone.

4. The mining of the Eilat stones took place in the Timna Valley as early as the ancient times. Mining activity resumed after the establishment of the young Israel State, and in 1951 new mines were established, but in 1984 the only mining today is copper.

5. The Timna mines are closed since then and it is very difficult to obtain the Eilat stone. It can be found in original vintage jewelry of the young Israel.

6. Mystical attributes attributed to Eilat stone in that it has a calming effect and balance.

7. It is forbidden to clean with salt! The action can damage the stone, but it is recommended to gently clean with soap and water, and then massage with a drop of vegetable oil and wipe it with paper to absorb the oil residue to restore the shine.

Just like doing a pampering day stone in the spa.

And who said that facts are only for geeks ...

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