5 tips on how to know what the size of my bracelet?
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5 tips on how to know what the size of my bracelet?

How do I know the size of my bracelet? That's a really good question. In the store I can measure, but that is not a reason to prevent me from buying online. Here are 5 effective tips to measure the size of my bracelet. That's way I will not have any surprises when the bracelet arrives in the mail and I can wear the bracelet and get excited and show everyone ...

So ... for the recipe we'll need the following ingredients: 1.Thread, not flexible. 2.Ruler. 3.Scissors.

Directions: 1. We'll check the site for the length of the bracelet. 2. We'll take the thread, measure on the ruler according to the size of the bracelet we want to order from the site. 3. We'll cut. 4. We'll wrap the thread on our hand, just like the bracelet. 5. We'll check if the length is right for us.

And that's it ... now what's left is just to order, easy ..

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